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From The Mountains To The Prairies

Calamities like this are no longer freak occurrences in our country. They are increasing in number and are affecting an ever widening swath of our population. From the failing state of our infrastructure and institutions of law and order to the safety of our food and water, America is increasingly incapable of keeping its most basic systems working. The most fundamental functions of government are a reliable transportation system; fire, police, and military protection; a safe and reliable energy supply; and uncontaminated water and food. These represent the core of what government is supposed to do— and it’s increasingly clear that our government is failing. As former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood remarked on the CBS news program 60 Minutes,“Our infra-structure is on life support right now. That’s what we’re on.”

The engineering lobby would argue that critical infrastructure failures represent an issue of revenue. In the 60 Minutes interview cited above, Secretary LaHood went on to say, “We haven’t made the investments. We haven’t got the money.” I respectfully disagree; it is actually an abject failure in management. Does any reasonable American think it’s more important to “invest” millions of tax dollars in subsidizing artists or weaponry that the Department of Defense doesn’t even want than ensuring we inspect and repair our bridges every year? It’s unnerving to think that this artist driving to the museum to drop off a… Next Page